100% Money Back Guarantee

Head fat loss coach David Wilkinson is committed to helping as many people as possible achieve the body and health they want and is 100% confident in this services, that you are guaranteed to drop a dress size in 28 days or you will receive a full refund.

If you commit to the Re-lite programme and agree to follow our guidance 100%, not ‘some’ not ‘kind of’, not ‘almost’ but every single thing and yet you still fail to reach your goal within the time agreed then we’ll happily give you back your investment with us AND continue to train you for free until the goal is reached.

But David is very selective in who he trains and doesn’t just train anyone. 

This is not to discourage anyone from wanting to work with David it’s just he doesn’t want you to waste your time, his time or your money if you aren’t totally committed.

You are giving away your biggest commodity...your time. So spend it effectively and achieve that body you really want.

So what’s your excuse?
With David’s 100% money back, no results no payment guarantee, you have nothing to lose. David is accepting all the risks. The next 28 days will past weather or not you call David today and or don’t. But you don’t want to be looking back in the next 6, 8, 12 weeks still no further forward in your fitness goals and wishing you had made that call.

If you live in County Durham and want to drop a clothes size in 28 days call David today on 07946 844379 to book a FREE personal training consultation.