About Us

Our vision is to educate and inspire people to cherish and protect birds and the natural world in a changing climate.

The Transylvania County Bird Club (aka TCBC) is a group of people who enjoy getting outdoors and being surrounded by nature.  We share our love and knowledge of birds with anyone of any age or experience level.

During the year, we host walks at many birding  eBird Hotspots around the county.   Several experienced birders regularly attend the walks and can teach you how to identify birds by sight and call.  To learn more about the walks, click 'Calendar' on the left or join us on Facebook to keep up with what we're up to.  To view recent County sightings: CLICK HERE

Club members receive our quarterly newsletter called "Chip Notes".   For more information on the club or if you'd like to join, click 'Membership' on the left or email us at tcbcchipnotes@gmail.com or check us out on Facebook.

  • Find a sick or injured bird, Contact Appalachian Wildlife Refuge at: 
         (828) 633-6364 - Extension 1
  • Click below to learn 10 ways you can help birds now:


Our State magazine’s Community Partners program is a fund-raising opportunity for nonprofit organizations that enables groups to raise money through Our State magazine subscription sales. For each new subscription sold at the annual rate of $29.99, Our State will contribute $5 to TCBC.  It's a great way to help the club and get a great magazine.  To learn more visit ourstate.com and subscribe with promo code CP655