** We need your help!!  The main minds behind the creation of the Trans* Wiki Project are transmasculine individuals.  We want to make sure information for everyone is included in this site but we also realize that we don't want to speak for an identity that isn't our own.  For this reason, we're looking for transfeminine individuals who have extensive knowledge of subjects pertaining to the transfeminine spectrum.  Specifically, we'd like to see information on surgeons, products, specifics about hormones, resources where people can find even more information, and other things that are important to transfeminine individuals that we don't even know about! If you're interested in joining our team and sharing your knowledge please drop us an email at (Scott) (Sindu) or (Wes) and we'll get you more details!**

Transfeminine refers to anyone with a feminine-of-center identity, especially those not assigned female at birth. This includes male-to-female transwomen, feminine-identified genderqueers, and others whose fabulousness cannot be defined.

This page will include information on living a transfeminine lifestyle, including but not limited to feminine gender presentation, male-to-female transition, safe-to-pee information, etc.