TransTalk @ SJSU!

This website is currently under construction but once complete will include local and national resources for the trans community at San Jose State University.

Welcome to the first ever website for TransTalk @ SJSU!

This group is designed to welcome all gender identities and is especially targeted towards students who feel the dominant gender binary does not apply to them.

The Trans in TransTalk is meant to be an umbrella term that encompasses students who are: gender variant, genderqueer, gender nonconforming, transgender, and questioning.  We also love partners and allies!!!

The purpose of this group is to form connections within our community.  We meet weekly in an informal discussion group.  If you have any questions or want information about meetings, feel free to email us at:

I wish you the best this semester with life, school and everything in between!

- Asher Moody
President | TransTalk @ SJSU

Last Update: 10/14/09
TransTalk @ SJSU