Budget Preparation and Elected Officials

The presentation below explains why Orem City Manager wants to avoid giving even members of the city council all the information. He has intentionally kept people, including the city council, in the dark on many issues. There is a reason for the non transparency and he explains it below. Click below to view Jamie Davidson's presentation on how to get your budget approved through elected officials:
The following are slides pulled from his presentation 

Orem City Debt

Orem city debt has risen over 300% in the last 15 years. Federal debt has risen 300% as well. Here is a list of Orem city's current long term liabilities. 

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Council Meeting Minutes

List of City Employees that are taking early retirement

• Stanford Sainsbury, development services director, 29, Dec. 14, $160,297

• Mike Larsen, public safety director, 28, Jan.16, $165,866

• Louise Wallace, library director, 32, Jan. 16, $160,297

• Ed Gifford, city engineer, 24, Jan. 15, $146,985

Other employees retiring:

• Jeff Pedersen, budget analyst, 25, Dec. 14, $116,78

• Robert Van Dam, plant operator, 30, Dec. 14, $76,264

• Dahl Farnsworth, public works storm water, 25, Dec. 14, $63,905

• Alan Sundquist, cemetery sexton, 34, Dec. 31, $80,762

• Randy Dunford, mechanic, 34, Dec. 31, $70,704

• Steve Perkins, construction engineer, 33, Jan.. 15, 90,838

• Bob Conner, public safety captain, 32, Jan. 15, $158,135

• Sue Phelps, librarian, 31, Jan. 15, $105,233

• Connie Young, recreation administrative assistant, 30, Jan. 15, $82,103

• David Forsyth public safety fireman, 29, Jan. 15, $93,134

• Kent Giles, fire engineer, 28, Jan. 15, $132,950

• Gary Downy, public safety lieutenant, 28, Jan. 15, $126,191

• Bill Young, public safety sergeant, 27, Jan. 15, $104,455

• Brenda McCarron, business license planner, 26, Jan. 15, $77,601

• Dale Burns, librarian, 25, Jan. 15, $107,061

• John Robbins, public works parks, 25, Jan. 15, $66,216

• Jim Pace, public works supervisor, 40, Jan. 15, $96,593

• Bill Clayton, engineer specialist, 21, Jan. 15, $84,409

• Russ Lee, fleet section manager, 35, Jan. 15, $104,324

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Interesting Article on Utopia: 

UTOPIA:Fiber-optic nirvana or a nightmare with no way out? 

December 10, 2012

There are two very important issues on the table right now and we need your help!

The first is what the Deseret New calls a "hefty tax increase", which would double the state sales tax on food. Unfortunately our own Orem Senator John Valentine supports this tax increase and is working hard to get it passed. To learn more please click here. 

"This tax hike of approximately $140 million annually would have a serious impact on the average Utah working family, who would see their 

food bill jump by about $240 a year."



Orem City Sign Ordinance

The second issue is the new Orem City Sign ordinance. Orem city council has passed a law which makes many signs on State street illegal, but doesn't not apply to University Parkway. This is unfair for the businesses on state street, and will hurt many of the businesses located there. To learn more and how you can help please click here

Also to stay informed on current city events sign up to receive email notifications (click here)

Click here to Click here to contact your state representative. Once you are on the House of Representatives website click the "Start Now" button (as circled in image below). 

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  • Radio Show - Councilman Hans Andersen TUNE INTO AM1400 KSRR EVERY FRIDAY FROM 10-11 am for the HANS ANDERSEN PROGRAM
    Posted Feb 28, 2012, 11:36 AM by Tana Oscanyan
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