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What are your rates?
We base our prices on a word count, so you pay for exactly what you need to translate.

I only have a few lines that need translating, do you have a minimum charge?
Yes, our minimum charge is $50.  

What methods do you accept for payment?
At the moment, we only accept bank to bank transfer to our account.  

How soon can I get my documents translated?
Regular translation requires 5-10 working days for most medium-sized documents. Special handling for rush orders is available for an additional charge. We will commit to a deadline in our binding quote. Please note that translation is a time-consuming process that requires attention to detail, so we use teams to handle larger jobs on tight deadlines, rather than stretching one translator too thin.

What electronic file formats can you work with?
At the moment, we prefer word or text format.

How do I send you the documents to be translated?
We prefer to receive files electronically. But you can fax or physically send them to us by any carrier you wish.

What does Global Links need to know to give me a quote?
Send us a e-mail with the following information:
1. What language is the document in?
2. What language do you want the document translated into?
3. How long is the document? How many words?
4. When do you need the translation? Rush orders are available in 2-4 days, for an additional charge. If you give us 5-10 days, we can save you money!
5. Do you have a previous version that has already been translated, or other materials that this translation should coordinate with? By providing us with these materials, we can use consistent terminology and save time on research - thus saving you money and making a better presentation.
6. And lastly, we need a contact person's name and number, so we can discuss the document.