Translation and Knowledge Society
7-9 March 2018
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Inaugural Session - Dr. C V Sivamramakrishna is delivering the vote of thanks. Next to him is Dr. Tariq Khan (Welcome and introduction to the conference), Prof. D G Rao (President) and Prof. Avadesh Kumar Singh (Keynote Speaker)
Images of the three-in-one event organised by
National Translation Mission

Translation is instrumental in shaping and sustaining a knowledge society. A knowledge society is one which installs information and knowledge as its central resource and force that drive all spheres of its everyday life, like, economy, education, history, spirituality etc. Access to information and knowledge, for instance, becomes education here, recording the interaction with them is its history; they end up as a tool for capacity building and enable a workforce that empowers the society's economy. According to a UNESCO statement  ‘knowledge societies must build on four pillars: freedom of expression; universal access to information and knowledge; respect for cultural and linguistic diversity; and quality education for all.’ Two of these; universal access and quality education, constitute the core objectives of the National Translation Mission (NTM). The Mission has strategized to achieve these objectives through translation. In this pursuit, NTM conducted a three-in-one event comprising a conference, a workshop and Translathon from 7-9 March 2018 at CIIL Mysuru successfully. Read here a report of the conference by one of the observers.


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This conference...
seeks to deliberate the emerging and pertinent issues in Translation Studies and envisages acting as a platform for interaction and exchange of new ideas and findings relevant to it. Amateur and veteran translators, literati, linguists and inter/cross disciplinary scholars may find resonance with the theme, topics and areas relevant to  the conference.

What's unique?
For the first time, the conference comes as a package of THREE...

The working language for the Conference, Workshop and Translathon is English.

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