Medical Translation and Localization Specialist


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        A modern society recognizes of the value of translations from one language into another for various purposes. Proper and skillful translations help promote mutual understanding between people of different cultural and social backgrounds, whereas the improper rendering of words or expressions leads to confusion and misunderstandings.

        General knowledge as well as the knowledge of specific subject matter is of vital importance in any translation service. When we translate documents on a medical question, we not only have a fairly good command of the languages involved but also have an in-depth knowledge of medicine.

         Translaaation translates English into Chinese (Mandarin). Our high qualified and experienced translation team includes a general practitioner, pharmaceutical chemist, registered nurse, radiologist, radiotherapist and laboratory technologist.

         Our preferred specialty areas of translation are Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Biology, Laboratory technology & Diagnostics. Please see our service listing for more information.

         You can get accurate, cost-effective, and high quality medical translation at Translaaation, please see our translation quality assurance statement for more information.

         Please fell free contact us for a price quote if you believe that our professional experience are commensurate with your translating needs.