Keep Calm and Translate Joomla

An open and personal notebook to save and share my tutorials and useful tips on how to translate Joomla core files and extensions
See this list of extensions to translate using Transifex
Keep Calm and Translate Joomla

How to translate Joomla online using collaborative tools?

What tools to use when translating?

How can an extension developer make life easier to him and to his translators)?

Answers to these and other questions... see left menu!

So... Keep Calm and translate Joomla!

Please note: I'm not a programmer; I'm just a translator who had to learn things the hard way.

Now I can share my experience in order to make everyone's life easier.

You will also find tutorials on how to translate Joomla using collaborative tools like Transifex.

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Power tip:
Do you still duplicating language files for Site and admin? There is no need to!
You can use the admin language files for all lines, you just need 3 lines of code on your extension. See details here

Tutorial - How to start a local Transifex project to download language files