Local Media on Climate Change '17

York Daily Record:
300 words max for Letters to the Editor

The York Dispatch:
300 words max for Letters to the Editor

Lancaster Online:
Lancaster has a formidable CCL chapter, its own Transition movement and a vast popular understanding of what is honestly sustainable.  Great folks to partner with!

The Baltimore Sun
talkback @ baltimoresun.com

The Patriot News / PennLive
letters @ pennlive.com
250 words maximum (they get hundreds of submissions per month)

Politicians via their staff do pay attention to Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds.  They are a significant path for voters to voice their opinions to policymakers, who want to know what their electorate is thinking.

At http://citizensclimatelobby.org/published-media/ is a vast nationwide collection of LTEs published by members of the Citizens' Climate Lobby, which has regular monthly meetings in York usually at the UUCY.

2017 Citizens' Climate Lobby of York (Facebook page) monthly meeting schedule:

January 25th (Facebook Event page)
February 22nd
March 22nd
April 19th
May 17th
June 14th
July 12th
August 23rd
September 20th
October 18th
November 15th
December 13th

All are at 7 PM in the Susan B. Anthony room, downstairs in the main building.

January 2017 so far (ones I've seen at least):

Overwhelming turnout for Women's Marches forces change of plans (too big to actually march in front of the White House)
And there were enormous sister marches around the globe.  Women have had their own version of the People's Climate March, but much bigger!  You go, girls!!!!!  And then you'll keep going when you get home...
More than the garbage cans were detailed in the media for your marches... excellent!
(With a picture of lady with poster - "If my uterus could shoot bullets, it wouldn't need regulation", thinking of the NRA's influence - good one, oh my!)

Carbon fee = higher costs (letter) (disinformation piece from Missy Updike)

Fake news an old story on climate change (letter) Porter Hedge on the wide, ongoing spectrum of published gibberish.

2016 Another Record Year of Heat (Greg Foy, YDR, "Global Hot Topic" series)

An opportunity on climate change (letter)  CCL/Lancaster's omnipresent Lynn Goldfarb details the benefits of CF&D.

EDITORIAL: We must do our part to help Chesapeake Bay

OPED: People raise their voices — and, remarkably, Congress listens  (We need to call MoC more - it works!)

OPED: Exxon first, Earth second

OPED: Nuclear weapons: Remembering the unthinkable

OPED: Ivanka Trump is not going to save us         James Kirchick, Los Angeles Times (TNS)

OPED: Do your homework before calling for Energy Department’s death

Weak federal powers could limit Trump’s climate-policy rollback

December 2016:

OPED: Conservative care for environment not unprecedented by Jon Clark

Trump’s coal promises won’t deter green-energy companies.  Renewables are continuing to improve their position in the market.

Rex Tillerson, ExxonMobil CEO and Secretary of State nominee, has repeatedly called for a revenue-neutral fee on carbon: “A carbon tax is also the most efficient means of reflecting the cost of carbon in all economic decisions — from investments made by companies to fuel their requirements to the product choices made by consumers. A carbon tax may be better suited for setting a uniform standard to hold all nations accountable.”

Re “How can Trump deny climate change” (Dec. 19): By prolonging the dying days of the fossil fuel industry, Trump might well miss out on the fast-growing clean energy revolution. For a businessman who is supposed to be so smart, Trump has a blind spot when it comes to climate change.

Keith Wallace of East Prospect has a very concise complaint about Trump's picks in the Record.

Michael Kraft, professor emeritus of political science and public and environmental affairs at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay, explains why continuing high Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards makes sense for both consumers and automakers.

The York Daily Record's Mike Argento writes about York's poor air and poor hopes for the environment over the next four years.

John Shields of Delaware County has a personal family reason to support the Clean Power Plan - the same asthma that affects way too many Yorkers courtesy our high pollution levels.

Greg Foy and Dr. Keith Peterman explain why the need to address climate change is very much not a hoax.