Food and Water Working Group

Meeting Notes March 11, 2012

Attending: Jon D, Leanne F, Mark G, Steve I, Amy B
Last month was canceled for a permaculture event
Future meetings have been shelved.  Food group members are busy with seasonal food growing, etc.

LegUp gardens;  Leanne will give Louie her food forest design via hard copy and email.  Jamie was unable to attend this meeting and put together the steps to roll out the steps to prepare the csa portion of the LegUp garden.  This includes mineral sources to be added to the soil,  organic materials, suggested plants to help amend the soil and crop rotation.  Vegetable planting will begin maybe next year. Finding plant sources and people sources to till the land etc will be left for Louie to come up with on his end.  We will assist as able if needed.    Louie has 100 volunteers coming on April 21 who may be available to dig holes for tree planting or whatever. 

Leada is involved in garden builds  and wants to know if anyone has interest in helping them assemble rainbarrels.  All of the materials have been gathered and they need to be put together.  See your google group mail for date and location details.

Horn Farm is hosting a permaculture organic garden build workshop on March 24.  Discussion followed about the Susquahanna Permaculture Guild and how they are changing the ways in which to achieve the 72hour permaculture certificate.

Decision was made to stop holding meetings and replace them with choosing to work together on our own projects.  We would then rotate from place to place.  For example Jon may need some help planting his potatoes and we may go there or Amy would like help getting some land rototilled to get a veg garden started. Suggestion is to put out dates to the group that work for you and see who is available to work on the project with you. See you all there!

Meeting notes January 9, 2012   

Attending: Francie, Gayle, Steve, Amy
Next meeting February 13, 4pm, location not decided

Tia wants to know if this group wants to work together on a resource list for community gardens.  Francie to find out more specifically what she is looking for.

UUCY interested in workshops about starting new personal gardens.  This is a workshop Jamie expressed interest in doing.  UUCY does not allow charging for this.  Discussion ensues about reciprocity, exchange of some sort.

Checking to see if Mike from city community garden can be a resource for making connections with students and others from his network.
Gayle working towards organizing a dry goods co-op in the NewPark area.  She is interested in  using this as a local community venture that can serve as an example  or template for other areas to follow.  Thinking of a quarterly purchase, membership pool of about 12 people, groups of 3 can be responsible for managing pickup for assigned quarter.  Frankford farm foods is used by Heathecote and they have a mason Dixon run once a month.  THe Fitz booth at market is being taken over by April and Andy and they could perhaps become the supplier. This supports local biz.
Awakening the Dreamer symposium coming up again
LegUp on hold over winter or until Louie can take care of his end. Report from soil test in and disseminated.  Discuss this next time. Louie content to focus on cover crops this year. He has only plant list and no design for front of building. Need to clarify if he is ready to do planting in the front and to decide what our next step in that project may be.
Can't seem to find Anna (Anstines) orchard in Windsor to assess for potentially working it. Update: Steve has seen it and thinks it is workable.  The trees are very old, large, covered with poison ivy and most of the branches are far from the ground. She doesn't quite know what all the trees are; apple, sour cherry, maybe a pear. Ladder definitely a requirement.  Many rambling raspberry canes spread over property. 3 blueberry bushes supposedly in the tangles.

Meeting notes December 11, 2011

Attending: Jon D, Francie D, Gayle, Amy, Jamie M, Steve I.

Next meeting Jan 8, 2012, 4pm 603 W Broadway, Apt 2,  Red Lion
Up for discussion from previous meeting are Leg Up, garden at middle school and  co-op
Leg Up discussion held off to dispatch shorter items.  Nothing done about middle school.  Co-op...Jamie waiting to hear back from Tuscarora co-op.  It is grower operated, not for profit company with perhaps 1 fulltime and several part time workers with some trucks for pick up and delivery and a small ware house.  Operates out of possibly Juniata county and serves metro DC area.   Lancaster Farm Fresh mentioned.

For Leg Up a time line of events to ready the land was created.   1. mark off plot of land  2. test soil for pH and macronutrients.  Then we will know what organics to  add ie manure, pellet nutrients, additional amendments, lime..3. Deep aeration due to soil compression from heavy equipment during construction of building and playground.  4. In March-April as soon as soil is workable put in cover crop.  5. in fall mow or till established stand of crops for soil retention and improvement.  We don't know who will be managing this csa style garden.  Louie will be handling staff and budget to create and manage

Lively discussion about Buy Fresh, Buy Local.  Seems to be marketing campaign group for local growers.  York county Ag supports local and not organic.  Conversation about organic permaculture vs monoculture.  Buy Fresh does not mention how food is being raised.  Can both these things exist in one entity? Can possible co-op be a solution?

Additional topics. 1. Will we do beginner veg garden workshops for UUCY? Horn Farm has 2 workshops in development- beneficial insects and composting.  Both available to public.  Jamie to make list of potential edu he can provide.  Maybe have experiential workshops at Horn and Jamie's & also UUCY   2. Anna from Anstine's candy has apple orchard in need of rehab, pruning workshop?  3. 1st anniversary Transition annual party.

Develop potential workshop list.  Jan- primer, intro to establish/rehab plot and benefits organic  Feb-seedling and maple sugaring with Jamie  March- Hugel Kultures with Jon burying large organics in soil ( 15 people come to workshop and only 12 leave!)  March- apple trees  April Jamie's farm innoculate logs/ mushrooms

Farm to Table idea St Joes private school, Logos academy
Dig It buyers club buy dry goods in bulk, rotate pick up

Meeting Notes November 29, 2011

Attending: Jamie Moran, Steve Izzo, Jon Darby, Amy Velazquez

Decision was made to hold future F&W meetings at 4pm on the 2nd Sunday of the month.  Next meeting is Dec 11 at 95 W Broad St.  Format is to be a 1 hour meeting with 15 plus minutes for clean up of conversation if needed.  This is flexible and will depend on the group in attendance.  There will be a rotating position of  Keeper to help keep us on track as far as time and keeping on topic.   Discussion to come to resolution rather than shelving topics is the goal. Note keeper may also rotate as well as meeting location.  Food and socializing afterwards for those who care to participate.

Do we want to schedule some food preservation events now? Pick a date every few months around some specific plant harvests say, peaches in the beginning of August.

LegUp farm food garden.  Louie's time was consumed with their playground build.  He has a plant list and possibly a design though nothing has been surveyed and marked out on the property. Late to do much for covercrop for now. Think this is a longer term project.  The soil there is poor and will only promote diseased and unhealthy plants.  Think we need to create a timeline for how to unfold process of rejuvinating soil, putting in plants and forming raised beds and area to market produce.   Rehab soil with covercrops, chisel plow in furrows for aeration.  Possible to start herb garden area 1st to have active development begin while land and other structures renovated.  Louie will be busy again with having fishing pond dug out and prepared and music garden in the tot area.

Steve knows of a middle school who may be interested in a garden plot.  Logos Academy also has potential interest in the not too distant future.

Potential to form a co-op.  Can the F&W group be a connector for things like Sonnewald, Spoutwood, other csa's and farms, Buy Fresh Buy local.  Jamie mentioned talking to Tuscarora co-op in Pittsburg, Lancaster farm Fresh, Ettline trucking.  Also in Virginia sustainable farms report in to a group to say what is going on with them.

Mention of doing some education.  Jon hosting skill workshops, edible plants at Horn Farm.  Do we have anyone who would care to do that?  Also Community Education through the schools is available.  The instructor charges for this- that would be up to the individual to decide to keep or put in a fund for Transition projects or when people are laying out money.

Mention of Crop Mobs in York county.  Can we apply this to spontaneous things that crop up? Example, a local farmer needs to quickly get the potatoes in the field, we put out the invitation to our list  and get the job done en masse.  Many people just wanted to DO something in the Transition group and we didn't have too much on line to offer.  Great community building opportunity.

Meeting notes Oct 7, 2011

Leanne and Jon met with Louie Oct 7 to nail down some details about garden build at Leg Up Farm - They have a surveyor coming on Monday and he will be staking out the corners for the garden. They will start adding horse manure & compost over the next month. Sometime next month they will be borrowing/renting a tractor mounted tiller to till the garden so that a cover crop can be planted. They are hoping this job can be done by a nearby farmer with the equipment. If not Jon may either be consulting with them or doing it for them. Planning of the garden beds, etc will be done over the winter months to be ready for spring planting. 

Front of the building - designs for the edible landscaping  Plant options were discussed. Plant lists and finalizing choices based on plant donations and availability. Once we get plants in hand we'll be doing some of the planting this fall yet, and we'll be putting out the call for volunteers.

Eagle scout may design the market stand that will go with the garden                                 

excellent series of articles on world food issues  

Food and water—focuses on local and sustainable food production and distribution, and water management, both drinking and waste water.

 meeting notes 4 September 2011

Leann hosted today's meeting at her permaculture suburbia home.

Attending: Leann Ferree, Steve Izzo, Tom Lavalette, Francie Delaney, Jon Darby, Amy velazquez, Launa Groft, Kyle Groft, and Jon's kids, Leanns kid and 2 chickens roamed the gardens

Leg Up Farm garden build.
Leg Up is looking for vegie/etc garden to act as a therapeutic garden for its kids. May become csa style farm and have a market stand to teach life skills like handling money, packing up produce. Currently has 400plus families involved of large range of ages and diagnoses. All up in the air yet though Louie is quite thrilled with the prospect. We will come up with a design and plan for stages of plants, structures etc. LegUp will have final approval of any of our suggestions.

Leann had Blueprints of property made at Nefra for $10! Thanks for Nefra's help at low cost!Main garden area approximately 140 feet long! Big area to transform as well as areas in front of building itself.

Thinking of fruit trees in front of barn/arena area, possibly apple.

Talked about what kind of plants to put in. This year hoping for cover crop and additional soil amendments to be added. Horse manure available but what else and can we find some biz to donate?

Lou wants natives put in, what kind of nut trees available, what shrubs...blueberries, figs (possibly in front of building?) Grape vines over arbor. Pawpaws are pollinated by flies and rotting meat, but there are already flies with the horses!

Steve to find out from Seth about Fruit tree farm that donates to non profits.
Leann to check with HACC students to get help with project.
Jon to schedule meeting with Lou to go over questions.

Jon knows Eagle Scout who needs a merit badge toward 70 hours at a non-profit. May be able to have HACC and Eagle scout take on one of the raised beds as a project.
Will need to get volunteers to assist with build, can possibly use original list of people who have since quit transition to see if they would like to participate in the Activity

Questions to ask Lou C.
  1. Is the plan for the building extension permanent decision regarding placement? Thoughts about swails, plans for tree plantings that may shade greenhouse which is attached to proposed building.
  2. We will likely have some raised beds for ease of access from wheelchairs. Need to know more about regulations surrounding Paths for wheelchairs, how wide, made of what? Also brings up question for us about plant selection, that some will definitely need to be easy to harvest. Won't be just the kids harvesting but their families, staff and volunteers may assist.
  3. How flexible is plan?
  4. Can we incorporate planting anything to provide food for the horses?
  5. Do we need to create plan for tool storage to work gardens? Can it be straw bale or something like that?
  6. What is the budget allotted for this project? Is there any money available for it now? How much will we need to get donated?
  7. Need to know size of areas to be developed so have framework to work with in for making recommendations for plants and garden.
  8. Need to know pond location since we will be planning to use this as way to irrigate crops
  9. What are dimensions of green house?

Originally scheduled for Sept 11, next Sunday. Janet has also scheduled art project at Mike Martins city garden.
York kitchen location that can be used for free. Sean at Healthy World Cafe up for having a canning
For the most part has been shelved due to apparent lack of interest.

Suggestion that to get canning done should probably come from someone saying they want to host a canning party. Participants would bring jars, lids, produce, cutting tools ets. Leann offered until Jon reminded her that next weekend they have a permaculture class. Maybe the following weekend but may be running up against produce availability. Peaches likely done but apples available.

General talk about methods of canning, how it works, bacterial contamination, the problem with re-using lids, improper equipment, hot pack, cold pack, raw vs cooked, pressure cookers, water baths

Lack of money a problem for transition, ideas but no way to pay for them. Use school district Community Education Classes to teach things and charge for it. Money would go towards transition events. Anyone interested in doing that? Anyone able to ask the remaining Transition folks if they can participate in this way?

Energy Stock Concert next week. It is a non profit concert to support renewable energy. Transition to have table there. Possibility of having food drying exhibition. Has anyone from within Transition offered to be a speaker?

Steve back from vacationing in Michigan where he thought of us often due to the many homesteads and fruit trees present and clear lake waters.

Lou Castratta from Leg Up farm joined Jon's csa

Francie glad to have been able to finally attend a F&W meeting. 45 min bike ride for her to get there.

Leann would reign in peace if Queen of the World

Spoke of Dave Dietz. Today is his birthday! lalalalala

 Minutes from 7/17 Meeting at Hollow Elm Farm, 4pm
 Attending, Jamie, Nicole, Seth, Rachel, Steve, Jane, Amy, Andy, Janet, Rob, Lucy, Mark, Leanne, Kyle, Launa, Gale, Scotty, Christie 

 -Reskilling event for transition only on 9/11/11, location to be determined

       -For reskilling and bonding within the group

       -I will contact Jon Darby bout doing it at the Horn Farm

       -Jars, knives, cutting boards, buckets, pectin/sugar?, pressure canners, 2 h20 baths, funnels, food to can(tomatoes, fruit)

       -All will find food for canning from our gardens, no spray orchards, etc.

       -We will invite ydr reporter Amanda to our canning party along with photographer Bill

-We will discuss more reskilling possibilities for transition exhibit at Harvest Fair at next meeting 7/31.

-We will get together to help Mike Martin at his Cottage Hill garden 7/28 at 5pm.

       -He needs soil and compost for his 525 W. Market St. garden

       -Art committee is planning painting his shed at the cottage hill garden of hope.

       -Jamie, Steve/Jane have used paint suitable for the shed art project

       -Invite Mike Martin to the next F.W meeting

-Leanne was interviewed by Amanda from ydr about her garden/homesteading, beehives, and transition

-Amy contacted prison about a community garden, more to come

       -More possible locations for gardens...

              -Atkins House, Olivia's house, Pennmar

-CDR, Crisis Diversionary Residence has an excellent working organic garden

        -N.Western Human Services

        -Transition field trip?

        -Contact Janet about more info.

-Help party at Mike Martins Hope garden 7/28 at 5pm.  Cottage Hill Rd. in north york

 Next meeting 7/31 at UUCY church.  1:30 initiators meeting. 3pm working groups meetings followed by potluck

 Everybody please check out the transition website for ongoing communications, forum, blogs, and calendar of events and meeting notes, minutes at...

 For now, please contact Seth, Leada, Steve or Gale if you have something to post on the website or calendar.

Minutes from 6/26/2011 Meeting
Attending: Amy Valazquez, Maria Payans, Fred Payans, Rob Wood, Willa Lefevre, Mark Gillespie, Jamie Moran, Erin Darby, Jon Darby, Steve Izzo, Leanne Ferree.
-Leanne says Jeremy Barnes(prez of york beekeepers) talks about honey bee societal structure as a
-Recap of Lifes' Beacon Foundation garden build by Steve and Willa.
-Jamie got a potbellie pig for his farm !!
-We can plan more garden builds this summer, gardens can be built anytime, fall crops or soil prep for
      next year.
-We should find out where other community or church gardens are.
      -Grace united in shrewsbury has a 60x60 garden
      -we should contact more churches about garden building
      -girlscouts? boyscouts? 4H?
-Mark had idea for gardens, Grass to Gardens program, everybody likes it.
-some discussion about rototiller availability. Maria has a mantis, my buddies tiller is available once in awhile
       -Do we consider getting a used tiller for our ongoing garden builds?
-Jamie wants us to use some of our time to create more interest in food group, increase membership
       -More efficient and effective with a larger membership
-We decided to contact the paper about the LBF garden build as a York Transition project.
      -Steve  will intitiate that.
-Leanne wants to know where to get more rainbarrels as a project
      -Jamie knows of 40 gallon barrels for sale on Plank Rd cheap.
      -High density Polyethylene is a good barrel material, stable and durable
-we will create teams(pairs?) to intitiate the projects we are talking about
      -Amy expresses concern about us getting something done, not just brainstorming
      -Steve doesnt like the term subcommittee's so we're calling them teams
-Leanne wants us to create a skill inventory for the food group for future reference.
      -Each person will contact leanne with their skills for the list
      -Willa thinks we should not make the list till (leada) can research the best way to make/format the list
      -Steve wants to make the food group list now and let the intitiating group handle the bigger list later
             -Long disussion ensues about which way to proceed
             -Leanne will contact Leada about format but go ahead with the food group listing
             -The details of the list are: Name, address, phone#'s, When not to call?, email address, skills
                   you possess, equipment/tools, group affiliations.
             -I will email Leanne with these parameters and the entire list of food group participants so she    
                   can send it out for responses
             -we will present this idea to larger transition at the next initiators meeting July 10th
             -Out of this discussion came the idea that we should define our purpose as the food group.
                   -Maria will work on that this coming week and send it out to us for concensus, additions
-Jon asked for a Leg Up Farm update from last mtg.
      -neither Willa or Amy have heard back from their contacts, they will try again
-Michael Martin, city community gardener. discussion about what he is doing now
      -Andy Fake knows him and works occasionally with him.
-Jon Darby says that Camp Spirit(Dover) has a $5000 grant and is looking for help to build garden`
      -they contacted Horn farm about it and Jon will be managing Horn Farm starting next mo.
      -Jon is also interested in possible movie series/events at Horn Farm
-Jamie wants to map york county relative to farms, parks and possibly other things
-We created a list of possible projects...
      -Gardens @ halfway houses and other community locations
      -Grass to Gardens program
      -Local food in institutions
      -Rain barrels construction and installation
      -Geographic york map
      -Local foods?(not sure what this is specific too)
      -Educational events, workshops, reskilling
      -Food preservation event,  community canning project(Leanne's idea)
             -Rob wants us to do this at his Spoutwood Mother Earth Harvest Fair
             -Steve asked if there will be a charge for this event and expresses concern about how
               that impacts transtion
- Horn Farm will start monthly exhibits after Jon becomes  manager there
-Jamie likes Turtle Seed Co. for non hybrid seed stock
-We picked three projects to do in addition to the resource list...
      1) Jamie, Steve and whoever else will build a couple rainbarrels for LBF garden and possibly
                 the Pershing st. garden/other community gardens
      2) Jon and Amy will start organizing the Bicycle Farm Tour
      3) Maria will start the food and water mission statement/purpose description
-Our next meeting will be in three weeks, July 17th, 4pm at Hollow Elm Farm
         - 482 Hollow Rd. New Park, PA followed by a potluck dinner and/or swimming
         -Possible meetup in York for carpooling to Jamie's for the meeting in Jon and Erins van