Living Arts Working Group

update on the mural project:

We had to cancel the last few work sessions due to rain and snow.   Michael Martin called me to say that the doors (part of the mural) have been "busted in", and, sadly, his shed was robbed.  He is working on putting higher fencing around the garden, and asked
that the mural work resume in the spring, after he has gotten to make repairs. If anyone would like to help him with repairs, his email is

The GOOD news?  Mike said we will be getting some donation money for
mural supplies out of his request for donations from area churches.  I
thanked him and said we will make a formal thank-you when the funds
are received.    I will meanwhile, this winter, continue to work on
stencils for the mural to help the process along.  I hope to
incorporate more area artists into the effort, who can help fill-in
the spaces on the other sides of Mike's shed with some awesome art!
Let's make some of the work days potlucks as well.

Happy almost Winter!


Posted 10-18-2011

This is a proposal and a call for help!  I’ve been working to get an art organization off the ground for a little over 8 months now.  The vision for the organization started out broad and has evolved in a beautiful direction with a solid vision in mind.

 I am in need of assistance and advice from creators, entrepreneurs, sustainability advocates, marketers, business managers, community activists, and most of all friends, to make this dream a reality.  It takes a village to raise a child and this organization is still a fetus, but forming quickly!


RAW Art Collective: Recycled Art Works, Gallery, and Green Advocate.

Goals: To provide studio, gallery, collaboration, and learning space to creators within the community who work with media of at least 50% natural or recycled origin, in an effort to encourage sustainable living within and around York County.  The ideas and concepts presented in this gallery will form an active engagement with the community, provide collaborative community projects, and act as a catalyst to spark ideas on how we can live more sustainable and fun lifestyles. 

The RAW collective will strive to make decisions on a consensus basis, as everyone involved in the core creative community plays an important role in maintaining and actualizing this development.  (Rules on how to do this can be established when all of the creators are present for discussion.) 


Looking for: Initiating Board of Directors

Media share (material donations)

Workshop ideas

First Friday Exhibits

Potential slogans

Marketing strategies

Business manager

Creators with Eco-sustainable slant



Right now, we are looking at renting a gallery/studio space (that can be made available for eco-sustainable workshops/movies/meetings) in Downtown York on East King Street.  (For interested folks, we are scheduling a viewing of the rental property in the next few weeks.)

What is in it for the community?! This organization will provide a creative outlook on living a sustainable lifestyle.  It will take the immense task of reducing your carbon footprint, becoming a Locavore, and supporting sustainability, and make it creative and most of all, FUN!  It will provide the space and resources for individuals of all walks of life to participate in developing a better future through the act of physical creation!  It will serve as an educational model of sustainability and eventually urban agriculture to the community.  RAW will push the perceptions of trash and upcycle waste into useful and creative inventions!


Interested? Check out the website:

OR Contact Shannon Sylte @:

Sunday, Sept 11, 10am
Painting a mural  on the garden shed of Mike Martin's Garden of Hope in York.  We are also looking for more donations of leftover paint for the mural, as well as paint brushes and sponges.

October 1
Mother Earth Harvest Festival at Spoutwood Farm 
Hands on demos or workshops in the Transition York area.  We welcome people from  all disciplines (visual arts, crafts, primitive skills, healing and marital arts)
to present to the living arts group  their ideas for presentations. 

Past Initiatives:
Tai Chi Push hands Workshop with Nathan Spivey on August 7. Please see Transition York Blog for complete  

Working on designs for the logo and brochure. These will be available to view at the July 31 meeting at UU. (see 
    calendar for details)