Solar Hartland
We have embarked on a new project!
Solar Hartland has had information booths at 11 events this past summer, and given a presentation on estimating your own PV solar array.  We have also done a dozen site visits for people in town, and are laying the foundations for a community energy project.  For this program please contact  Karl Kemnitzer or Chuck Fenton,  or for more info please see the Solar Blender page at left, or visit our general webpage at:
There is also a page for the bicycle blenders with photos and instructions!  Please click on the link at the left.  You can also download a pdf of instructions for making your own blender at the bottom of that page.
The bikes have been out recently to Hartland Farm Fest. and Woodstock's Trek to Taste, pictures are on the bicycle blender page.
Bike blender celebrates Earth Day 2011 
performing at the Hop!  Other events too on the blender page. 
A 10/10/10 page has also been created, please click on the link on the left.
Transition Town Hartland, VT was formed
in 2008 to promote the development of community based projects that build resiliency and sustainability throughout all sectors of the community in the face of changing energy and economic resources.
We are a grassroots organization that has held one introductory open space meeting attended by over 40 townspeople, and a focus meeting that has resulted in many projects.
For further information please contact:
Ruth Connor, Helen Dicke, Chuck Fenton, Gail Holmes, Karl Kemnitzer, Mary Danko or email us at:
or contact our "sustainable" public library at
International Climate Day (October 24), at the Plainfield Energy Expo.  There are posters from the Hartland Energy Committee's ButtonUpVT, and our 350 day, (the 4 Corners UU Church rang it's bell 40 times, the difference from the current 390 ppm CO2 to 350), on the back wall.
Here is our school principal Judy Callens, and our town manager Bob Stacey, helping to make blueberry smoothies for our elementary school during National Health Week, April 4-10, 2010.  The 6'th grade class did most of the peddling, but the smoothies were enjoyed by all.
The introduction of the new Hartland Farmers Market at Farm Fest 2010 went off very well, with keynote speakers Vermont Secretary of Agriculture Roger Allbee, and Senator Patrick Leahy.
Senator Leahy's wife Marcelle makes smoothies.
This site was built and is maintained with solar power.
The Bike Blenders have a new companion!
We have made a portable solar electric system for Solar Hartland, and have been making solar smoothies!  At Hartland Farm Fest 2011 we had the bikes and the solar smoothies side by side. 
More info is on the Solar Blender page. 
Transition Town Hartland shared a booth at the Upper Valley Energy Expo, in Plainfield, NH, January 29, 2011 with neighboring groups Transition Town White River Junction, and Sustainable Woodstock.  There were posters about projects, information, books, a few exhibits from Que Sera, and much talking. The 6'th grade class used the bicycle blenders for a fundraiser, and Lee Lynd  of Mascoma Corporation gave the Keynote address and spoke at one of the workshops.
We have had booths at Farm Fest 2009 and Old Home Day, featuring two bicycle blenders making smoothies using local produce as an attraction for people looking at our information table.
 Vegetable Gardens at the VT State House
Planted by Transition Town Montpelier's subgroup APPLE corps (Association for the Planting of edible Public Landscapes for Everyone).  The vegetables had to be harvested symmetrically on both sides of the entrance.
Photo by Chiho Kaneko
 We've done a presentation at Hartland Community Connection's Pancake Breakfast on January 9, 2010, with a great turnout of about 70 people.  
A general summary of Transition Town was given by Ruth Connor and Chuck Fenton.  This was followed by presentations on 4 topics:
-Sharon Irwin talked about next summer's Farmer's Market:
-Karl Kemnitzer talked about the TTH and Farmer's Market websites,and the supporting Hartland News Calendar/ Email newsletter, which lead into Mary Danko talking about the library's role in providing information, and highlighting the Sustainability Bookshelf with many Transition related titles.
-Chuck Fenton talked about sustainability education concepts that could be incorporated into the schools curricula, similar to the Farm to School program already in place. There have already been field trips to local farms, to a local hydroelectric dam, and a class about solar panels and electricity.  This may be a follow up to Vermont Department of Public Service's goal to promote "sustainability in classrooms".
-Then Karl Kemnitzer did a brief talk about sustainable energy in town.
It was wonderful to have so many concerned people thinking about the future, the next meeting will be an assessment of comments and focusing on projects.   Thank you everyone.