Software Group Vision and Plan

The Software working group was formed during our community meeting on 4/26/2010.   The vision for the group is to:
  • Build software that facilitates transition activities through on-line / off-line collaboration and information sharing
  • Use open source technology to bring in like minded developers and extend the software to support needed functionality
  • Implement first version for TransitionSF and iterate several versions in 2010
  • Create documentation and help for other transition initiatives that want to use the software
  • Support all working groups and neighborhood groups and their needs
The plan/roadmap for this year is being worked through.  Some of the highlights are:
  • We have decided to use drupal
  • We are aiming to release Version 1 in approximately 4 months.  This will not have all the features we need, but will be the starting point for community collaboration.
  • We'll need help with Branding and Visual Design (if you have these skills and would like to volunteer, please let us know)
  • Andre and David will work through the staffing plan this week.

The workspace for the group is here:  You can also post your comments there or in our Software forum.

Here are the Version 1 features that were drafted:

To provide feature ideas for future releases and other suggestions, please do so through the forum:

If you have a drupal account, you can also provide comments on the features directly on the site:

Please Volunteer:

We need an information Architect and Visual Designer.

If you can help us, please email ania @ transitionsf . org

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