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Local Laws and Government group will meet at the next TransitionSF community meeting

posted Apr 4, 2010, 3:08 PM by Ania Moniuszko

Please join us for the TransitionSF community meeting on April 26th, where we'll continue discussion about local laws and government.  If you have expertise in this area or want to share and help direct transition in San Francisco, come to the meeting. We look forward to collaborating with more people from our community.

(see details about the meeting under 'Transition SF Google Calendar)

Local Laws and Government Group formed at TransitionSF Community meeting on March 22

posted Apr 4, 2010, 2:59 PM by Ania Moniuszko

Notes from the Meeting:

Working with Government Sub-committee

Navigating local laws for homes, property, public actions, etc.

-          Our task: find out what the current laws are and how they may need to be changed

-          What are the rules for:

-          Keeping animals in apartments/houses/backyards/fire escapes, etc.

-          Greywater cachement, composting toilets, other home alterations

-          Organized civil/legal disobedience like refusing to leave foreclosed home

-          Other property laws

-          How to encourage local investment, local banks, etc

-          Farmer’s Markets, street fairs, public events etc. can be very difficult to set-up.

o   Planning department is tough

o   Not very transparent process

o   Hard to know the rules

o    [side-note: a friend of mine in the Inner sunset Neighborhood Association just successfully got his application to close down Irving St between 9th and 10th on Sat May 15 accepted, and the Inner Sunset will have a big street fair on that block that day. He said the process was long but not inordinately difficult to navigate – said the most ]

-          Should consider getting answers to all this on the TSF website and in a binder – resources and legal translations

-          There’s a good application on iPhone called ‘DIY Democracy’

-          TSF needs a panel to bring important issues to the gov’t, work with the Board of Supes, get propositions on the ballot, etc.

-          TSF should put together a platform and support candidates who want to promote correct changes in laws

o   (But is TSF 501c3? If so can’t do politics)

Tasks for upcoming month:

-          John will investigate question about farm animals

-          Andre will find out about water cachement

-          Inder will cover most of the rest: property laws, hosting public events, encouraging local investment

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