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Notes from Heart and Soul Breakout Group, Monday March 22 2010.

posted Mar 24, 2010, 11:19 PM by Ania Moniuszko

We began the meeting with those present sharing their ideas of what Heart and Soul can offer to the larger community.  

Michael shared with the group of our goals from the last meeting.  There were that we research another transition group that has an active H&S group.  We did this with our call to the Sebastopol group.  Ania explained why we did not take a field trip like we intended.  Amanda talked a little bit about what was said on the phone call that we had with Sebastopol group.  Some general ideas for the group.  

The group talked about the need for fun and community building to be a part of the group.  it was suggested that we might offer group outings to interesting and topical events with the Transition community.  

We moved to asking each person what ideas they specifically had about the Heart and Soul group.  

Amanda talked about how she felt that it was important to have fun but also wanted to make sure to leave room for people to express the darker energies as well.  She mentioned some Joanna Macy exercises that she has participated in the past that might be useful for our purposes.  

Ania talked about how it might be good to have a transition buddy- someone that you could work pair up with to talk about things and bounce ideas and gain support from around the emotional as well as practical element of transition.  Also thinks that it would be helpful to find a way to use the addiction model with people to help them move through the transition.  

Andre discussed that it will eventually be important to look at how Transition H&S can support the social needs of the greater community- for example the increased homelessness that may ensue- how could Transisiton be a support for social problems related to peak oil andclimate change like this?  Also mentioned that it would be important for this group to hold a space for people to talk about things that might not otherwise get talked about.  

Michael brought up the very important point of our need to narrow the scope of the charter of H&S.  

Deborah discussed how important ritual, art, music, movement will be and it will be important to create a safe place in the community to engage in these things.  A place where emotionality can be held safely. 

Bud mentioned that it might be nice to offer some social events like Transition Green Drinks.  

Meeting with the Sebastopol Heat and Soul lead

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These are the Notes from our meeting with Heart and Soul leader in Sebastopol.

Notes - Transition Heart and Soul Learning from Sebastopol

Heart and Soul Group meetings

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Next meeting will be during a breakout session at the community meeting

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