Seed Library

The Seed Library is open with two official branches and two on the way.  We created a dedicated website for that project.  Please visit us at


We were Open for 10/10/10 day of climate action at the Hayes Valley Farm:


We are accepting donations to the seed library.  To check in or check out seeds, please fill out our form and mail the seeds to the address below:  Check out and Check in Seeds to the Library

We are targeting to launch the San Francisco Seed Library in February 2011 and need your help now.

We need seed donation for next year's growing season.  Ideally, seeds that have been harvested in San Francisco.  If you have seeds you can donate now, please send them to the address below.  No amount is too small.  These seeds will the the foundations of our library.

The seeds should be in coin sized envelops with the following information:

Seed Source:
Neighborhood of Harvest:
Difficulty of seed to save: Easy or Advanced

San Francisco Seed Library
2370 Market St, #434
San Francisco, CA  94114

We're targeting to have the first branch opened in Potrero Hill.  However, this is still tentative and we may need another location.  We'll keep everyone updated on our progress.