Food Vision and Plan

Could the City of San Francisco feed itself with local food from farms and ranches within 100 miles of the Golden Gate? 


Agriculture within this “foodshed,” as it was defined for the purpose of this study, produces 20 million tons of food annually, compared with annual food consumption of 935,000 tons in San Francisco and 5.9 million tons in the Bay Area as a whole. In all, more than 80 different commodities are represented, only a few of which are not produced in enough abundance to satisfy the demands of the City and Bay Area: eggs, citrus fruit, wheat, corn, pork and potatoes. Many other commodities are available only seasonally, even though northern California has a long growing season.

Goals Set by the TransitionSF Food Group

Short-Term Goal 1: Next Meeting Monday – 3/1 – will be posted to googlegroup
Mid-Term Goal 1 : C.S.A. campaign
  • Start with Transition & Permaculture communities
  • Expand from there to general population & businesses / restaurants

Mid-Term Goal 2 : Develop database of local food resources
  • SF restaurants that buy / use local sustainable ingredients
Mid-Term Goal 3 : Farmers' Markets
  • Locate & map current farmers' markets
  • Identify neighborhoods with and those without access to markets
  • Work with communities to bring farmers' markets to those without

Mid-Term Goal 4 : Coordinate existing food production efforts
  • Identify existing efforts in urban food production (eg Free Farm; Hayes Valley Farm)
  • Create list / database to help coordinate efforts

Particiants:  Karen, Rachel, Morgan, Dave, Carling, Kevin, Brendan
Ania Moniuszko,
Feb 28, 2010, 3:16 PM
Ania Moniuszko,
Feb 28, 2010, 3:15 PM