Local Currency

We are currently working with the Bernal Buck currency initiators to help roll out their local currency model to other neighborhoods in the city.  
Here is a short video on the Bernal Heights Complimentary Currency

This is the initial draft workplan, we need volunteers in each neighborhood to roll this out to other areas in SF.  We're also discussing rolling it out to the bay area for use on local food.

TransitionSF Local Currency Rollout - workplan

'Community Currency in a Box' (from Arno)

Here’s what would be in the box:

Upfront community assessment

Community strength (positive brand, lively activism and institutions)

Commerce (transactions between community members)

Commitment (champions dedicated to the execution of the program)

Best practices for community engagement

Aligning with local causes, activism, and non-profits

Getting relevant local businesses and merchant associations involved

Facilitating neighborhood dialog and exchanges

Local awareness and marketing tools

Presentations to community constituents

Flyers to neighbors and community members (your name, your logo, your text)

Removable stickers for money bills (your name, your logo)

Posters with program benefits (your name, your logo, your offers)

Signs for merchant windows and counters (your name, your logo)

Operational tools

Guidelines and worksheets for designing local incentives

Tools and agreements for involving financial institutions

Local web presence (content/blog, user registration, profile management, offers, balances and transactions reporting, forum)

Transaction interfaces with transaction networks and other institutions

Payment cards and processes (your name, your logo)

Payment usage models and process for 5 types of merchants (incl. cheat sheets)

User support models and tools