Economy Group Vision and Plan

A working group on Local Currency was formed during our Community Meeting on 3/24/2010.  We had a discussion with one of the leaders from the local currency in the Bernal Heights neighborhood: Bernal Bucks:

The next steps for the group are to:
- Have a local currency presentation at the TransitionSF community meeting in April (see calendar for details)
- Identify three leaders in each neighborhood who can champion the project in that neighborhood
- Work through the Local Currency Rollout plan (see our draft plan under Local Economy/Local Currency) during the next community meeting.
- Start the initial research and outreach

We're hoping to have local currency rolled out to at least one neighborhood in 2010.

If you are reading this and would like to have this rolled out in your neighborhood, come to our next community meeting to find out how you can help with the effort.


A great recording by the automatic earth blog writer about the coming economic instability: The Automatic Earth Finance Blog
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