Exploring Livelihood in Context of Transition

posted Mar 18, 2012, 10:04 PM by Ania Moniuszko

March 19, 7-9pm: Exploring Personal Livelihood in the Context of Transition

…… "Social justice and environmental justice are important to me. How can I make a positive impact and also make a living?" …… "We have an idea for a new business. How do we get started and define our mission?" …… "I want to do work that's in line with my values while also being able to pay my bills." …… "I love my current job; how do I integrate the principles of transition where I am?" ……. "Are other people facing this challenge? How do I go about making a change?"


Join TransitionSF in this special first of two special events led by Kevin Bayuk. Kevin will guide us in an interactive dialog exploring these questions of livelihood in the context of our personal and community Transition. This event (March 19) will focus on our personal livelihood, and the second event will focus on business resources and tools. (April 16) 

Location: Gazebo Room at CPMC Davies Campus, Castro Street between Duboce Street and 14th Street
Cost: Suggested Sliding Scale Donation, 5 to 15 dollars, No one will be turned away for lack of funds

About Kevin:
Kevin Bayuk is co-founder of Lift Economy (http://lifteconomy.com/), a business coaching organization committed to helping structure Next Economy organizations to scale for the benefit of people and planet. Kevin's roots are in entrepreneurship, having spent nearly a decade starting and growing technology companies, and activating projects and organizations that regenerate healthy ecosystems and socially just and joyful environments. After immersing himself in all aspects of starting and growing companies, Kevin focused his attention on learning about and teaching eco-systemic design. Now Kevin is merging his experience in business with his experience in permaculture to help businesses care for people while enhancing the earth.

Loal Resources:

Bay Area Worker Coopertives 
This organization provides resources and templates on how to set up a coop.
Business Training

Renaissance Enterprenourship Center
Business Training Classes and Incubator Space 

Woman's Initiative
Low cost training and on-going support for Women owned businesses

Small Business Development Center
Large selection of classes to get the business off the ground

Other Local Group helping us Transition: