TLA core team

The TLA core team runs the TLA City Hub. 

The following are resources of interest to core team members:

Tips and suggestions

Ideas for Local Events

Tabling resources

When we are invited to a fair, a booth, a speaking event, we create a table of handouts about our organization.  Here are links to download the resources.  Some links won't work without authorized log-in.
  • TLA trifold pamphlet
  • sign-in sheets to use at speaking and tabling events
  • Articles about Transition.
    • YES! article formatted for 2-sheet handout
    • Orion article formatted for 2-sheet handout
    • CSM article formatted for 1-sheet handout
    • Link to the originals of these and other articles here
  • TLA logo for signage.  Download the file and then print it, because GoogleDocs may hang up if you try to print it straight from the web.
  • display your Transition Handbook.  (Additional copies to sell can be obtained from Swami Om or Joanne)
  • other handouts, as appropriate for the topic or group
  • sign-in sheets to use at speaking and tabling events

Resources available for public presentations

Leadership meetings

TLA Leadership gatherings are held monthly (calendar).  They are open to anyone who is actively leading a Transition-type group. 
Discussion is conducted at an intermediate-to-advanced level of Transition understanding, and typically focuses on "business," for instance running the local groups.  If you are new to Transition, are wondering "what is it all about?", or are interested in networking with TLA, our other Transition events are more appropriate for you.

Where can I find ...

How TLA is organized?

TLA Core Team internal stuff