Sustainable Health Care

Ideas for the Health Care working group are being pioneered by Transition Mar Vista.  They have begun exploring the topic in a series of local events.



  • For current gatherings, see the TMV calendar
    • These include "Community Wellness Mondays"
    • Brain Gym
    • Meeting of CAAM (California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine)
    • sustainable health care talks
    • Yoga

Past events

  • TMV has hosted topics such as "Courage to Heal," Taoist healing, homeopathy, and "Spiritual Energy Healing"
  • Read about the results of the March 2010 event

Sustainable Health Care resources

  • The Healing Arts: Exploring the Medical Ways of the World, by Ted Kaptchuk and Michael Croucher (Summit Books 1987). 
    A mind-expanding discussion that crosses many modalities, from accupuncture and Ayurvedic to Native American healers to scientific (Western) medicine. Available in El Segundo Public Library.

Working groups are one of the 12 Ingredients of the Transition process.  Designed to "tap into the collective genius of the community," they are tasked with looking at the local area to try to determine the best ways of building community resilience and reducing the carbon footprint. Eventually, the conclusions reached by the Working Group becomes part of theTransition initiative's Energy Descent Action Plan.