Speaker's Bureau

Looking for speakers or presentations on the Transition movement? Need someone for a booth or table at your fair or event? You've come to the right place. TLA's Speakers Bureau was created to share the experiences of our Transition Los Angeles group with local communities.

Our Speakers

Our speakers are "grassroots veterans," active in implementing Transition Initiatives both in their local communities and in our TLA area-wide efforts. These individuals are well-versed not only in the problems (climate change, peak oil, biocapacity, and economic contraction), but also their potential solutions (relocalization, reduced consumerism, reskilling, and the community-centric Transition approach).

Our Topics

When Transition Los Angeles speakers give a presentation -- whether it's 20 minutes or more than an hour -- we always try to cover the following:
  • Why peak oil, climate change, and economic contraction must be considered simultaneously
  • Why rebuilding community resilience is as important as cutting carbon emissions
  • Another world is possible: the power of a positive vision, and the progress already underway
Transition Los Angeles speakers can talk about a number of environmental issues, depending on the level of knowledge of your group. No matter what the specific title of the talk is, we always try to work in the above points.

We offer low-tech or high-tech presentations.  We can bring Powerpoint presentations which include slides of the vast amount of Transition-type action unfolding across the greater L.A. area.  We can bring handouts which help your group understand What We Can Do and how to plug into the action.  We can also facilitate discussion circles so that answers emerge from within your group itself.

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Speaker Bios ...

Anneke Campbell - Transition Mar Vista, emphasis on Sustainable Health Care and Inner Transition; member of TLA core team.

Joanne Poyourow - initiator of Westchester group and TLA; blogger at Transition US and Energy Bulletin.  Full bio here.

Peter Rood - Westchester; emphasis on Inner Transition; Episcopal priest well-versed in interfaith issues.  Full bio here.

John Tikotsky
- Westchester;
member of TLA core team, leads TLA Food Gardens project.  Full bio here.

Dan Wang - initiator of Transition South Bay LA, now with Transition Mar Vista;
member of TLA core team; well-versed in peak oil, energy and technology issues.

Bruce Woodside - initiator of Transition San Fernando Valley;
member of TLA core team, emphasis on Permaculture.