Inner Transition

What is Inner Transition?

The Transition movement understands that we are changing not just our "outer" world (example: food gardens, water barrels, local economies, etc.) but we are also changing our "inner" world.  A few examples:

  • Changing the way we define "success"
  • Changing our relationships with each other, and with other life forms on the planet
  • A Change in Consciousness
  • Changing our relationship with Time
  • Coping with the spiritual and psychological aspects of Transition, for example the sense of disappointment as we realize that dreams we had had for our future (big house, luxury retirement, etc) will never come to fruition
  • and many others

Inner Transition Events

All of the Transition groups in the greater L.A. area offer Inner Transition-type events from time to time.  Please check our calendar to find inner Transition topics. 
The Transition Mar Vista group holds "inner Transition" events fairly frequently, and often pairs up with the Environmental Change-Makers (Westchester) to do so.

Inner Transition Resources

Working groups are one of the 12 Ingredients of the Transition process.  Designed to "tap into the collective genius of the community," they are tasked with looking at the local area to try to determine the best ways of building community resilience and reducing the carbon footprint. Eventually, the conclusions reached by the Working Group becomes part of theTransition initiative's Energy Descent Action Plan.