Working Groups and Projects

Within the Transition movement, we understand that sweeping changes will take place in every area of society.  Thus far in Los Angeles, we have been working on the following:
  • Health Care - what might resilient and sustainable health care be like?
  • Inner Transition- coping with the spiritual and psychological aspects of Transition
  • Media & Publicity - TLA in the press
  • Political Action
  • Transition Tales - exploring the Transition message through story, art, music
  • Visioning Village LA project - - dreams of what L.A. could possibly be like

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Transition isn't just something to read about.  It's something to DO!  Once you begin, you'll learn how exhilarating it is to take action.  Rather than worrying about all those societal problems, roll up your sleeves and get to work creating the change.  Join in the process, join in the fun!
Here's how ...

Working groups are one of the 12 Ingredients of the Transition process.  Designed to "tap into the collective genius of the community," they are tasked with looking at the local area to try to determine the best ways of building community resilience and reducing the carbon footprint. Eventually, the conclusions reached by the Working Group becomes part of theTransition initiative's Energy Descent Action Plan.
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