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Transition isn't just something to read about.  It's something to DO! 

Once you begin, you'll learn how exhilarating it is to take action.  Rather than worrying about all those societal problems, roll up your sleeves and get to work creating the change.  Join in the process, join in the fun!

Community:  Join Transition action in the greater L.A. area.  Find like-minded people via the TLA calendar or join our mailing list to get announcements about gatherings.

Visioning: Add your dreams at TLA's Visioning page

Inventory:  Give your input at TLA's Community Mapping project

Get started:  Get a Transition group started in your local neighborhood

Working groups and projects:  Contact us if you'd like to join the topical Working Groups and Projects active in the Los Angeles area.

Tell a friend:  share news of our work on Facebook, blog about it, write about it. 

But most of all, TALK about these ideas with friends and neighbors.  Build these precious in-person relationships, which are the heart of community.

Help needed:

The TLA network is currently seeking volunteers for these specific tasks ...
  1. YahooGroups moderator needed.  TTLA discussion loop at YahooGroups needs a moderator.  Involves approving emails for posting, troubleshooting member Q&A, eliminating spam.  You'll be hands-on in the midst of meeting notices and fascinating articles about the state of the world and potential solutions.
  2. MailChimp support needed.  The TLA city hub needs mailing list help, together with a contemporary HTML appearance.  To do that, we need someone who can run it.  You'll be helping to sculpt our image in the social networking world, and building connections to supportive partners.
  3. Time banking enthusiast, Westchester area.  Ballona LETS network is already set up with 40 or so members, but needs an enthusiastic cheerleader to create, rally and run regular membership gatherings.  Ballona LETS site.
  4. Technology support, Mar Vista area.  Transition Mar Vista/Venice needs support with basic mailing lists and publicity postings.  Work with simple email, online input forms, and GoogleCalendar to tell people about their wonderful events.  contact Swami Om at 310 822 9642 to volunteer.
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