Transition Longfellow is a group of neighbors in the Cooper, Howe, Hiawatha and Longfellow neighborhoods (Greater Longfellow) joined by friends in neighboring communities in South Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We are one of more than 130 "official" Transition Town initiatives in the US, joining more than 300 Transition Towns worldwide in a global movement to build more resilient individuals and families and more sustainable communities.

Transition Longfellow creates opportunities for people to learn about and to take action on the key areas of transition: less use of fossil fuels, increasing energy efficiency and conservation, relocalizing our economy, building a more resilient and healthy food supply, reducing consumption  and reducing waste.

We facilitate activities and knowledge sharing so that as a community we can support one another in making personal and community-level change. We do this through:
We believe that our community CAN make the transition to a more sustainable future. In fact, we must. We invite you to join us on the journey.


The Transition Longfellow website is a Google site and we've run out of room. We could really use some help moving this over to a new platform, possibly a WordPress site. Anyone with some Web development skills who can volunteer to help us with this?