We are a group of people interested in living sustainably. In March of 2011,       gathering for our first meeting , we established our core values. Since then ,
  we have discovered that there is a world wide movement which shares the
  same interests. This organization called " Transition Network" is the same
  in its core values. As of December 2011 we decided to join with "Transition         Network" and renamed our group from Huntsville Environment Group to
  Transition Huntsville.

   Throughout 2011 this group met regularly at the Art Space in Huntsville,
   Ontario. All are welcome to the meetings. Some of the projects we have
   started over the past year include:
-  initiating an urban yard share program in Huntsville.
    -   growing fresh produce at donation gardens to provide for the food bank
         and other charities in the community,
    -   foraging for wild food in the area
    -   sponsoring the very first 100 mile pot luck dinner in Huntsville
    -   presenting a mushroom identification workshop and foray
    -   attended an introductory permaculture workshop
    -   sponsoring various speakers from the community

   -  training workshop on the proper planting of trees  

                  Downtown Huntsville


Future meetings-
2nd Monday each
month until Sept.
at Soul Sistas starting
at 7:30 pm


Mark Moray
Art of Mentoring
Nature Culture
Thurs. April 19,2012
6 pm
Huntsville High School

Earth Day Celebration
Sun. ,April 22,2012
starts at 1 pm
Huntsville, Ontario


Yard Share Gardens


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