Transition Ann Arbor Announcement (10/02/2011)

Dear Transition Community:

The work of Transition Ann Arbor has slowed greatly in the last year. After much deliberation and collective soul searching, we want to let you know that the initiating team of Transition Ann Arbor is officially disbanding.   We believe it is important to announce this widely so that we can release the effort into the hands of others, should there be a future groundswell of committed individuals. 

Some challenges we faced were the usual ones, such as personal time constraints and life circumstances. But there were other challenges that we didn't anticipate, such as the fact that the Transition model has proven difficult to implement in a city the size of Ann Arbor without staff or a strong ties to an existing 501c3 nonprofit. 

We are excited to see the growth of Transition-related efforts in the Ann Arbor community and region. We continue to believe that there is a role for an umbrella organization that strengthens these efforts and develops cohesive plans, action groups, programs, and messages that help our community prepare for the long emergency--the impacts of peak oil, climate change, and economic instability. Unfortunately, we don't have the necessary resources (or person-power) to make this happen. We have a wealth of accumulated knowledge and lessons learned from our efforts over the last 2 years, including the beginnings of an energy descent action plan. To improve future organizing, we would be happy to share our insights and resources with anyone interested in picking up similar work. If you are interested in getting involved with transition-related work, please contact Jeannine Palms who remains highly active in local social organizing efforts (jeannine AT

We will continue with our own personal work on Transition-related projects, such as local organizing and ReSkilling Festivals, and we hope to see many of you through these continuing efforts. It is hoped that ReSkilling Festivals can continue on a twice-a-year basis, and serve as one vehicle for community-building, story-telling and skill sharing. If you are interested in helping with the next festival in February 2012, please do get in touch with Laura (lolo730 AT Our email list-serve will continue to be used for announcements related to ReSkilling,, and other such events.

In terms of organizational assets, we have decided to donate our funds (around $600) to Growing Hope in Ypsilanti, as we feel that this group aligns well with the spirit of Transition.

Over the next few weeks, we will add some links to this site, redirecting visitors to other local transition-related initiatives, and offering updates on any developments toward a regrouping of a steering team.

Each of us has grown through our experience with the movement, working with each other and many of you. We are grateful for the opportunity to do localized community organizing around the important issues that drive the Transition Movement.

Yours for a resilient planet,

Lisa Dugdale
Jeannine La Prad
Jeanne Mackey
Jeannine Palms
Laura Smith


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