Responses to Atrocity Workshop

University of Wisconsin-Madison, April 20-21, 2007

**Co-sponsored by the Global Legal Studies, Humanitarianism and World Order, and the Legacies of Violence Research Circle at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and the Political Science Department at the University of Minnesota**

April 20, 2007: International and Domestic Legal Mechanisms

  • Scott Straus, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Panel 1: Leigh Payne, Chair

  • How International Tribunals Influence Each Other
    • Thierry Cruvellier, International Justice Tribune
  • The Complementarity in Global and Domestic Trends in Transitional Justice
    • Kathryn Sikkink, University of Minnesota
Panel 2: Crawford Young, Chair
  • Balance of Power and Justice in the Balance
    • Victor Peskin, Arizona State University 
  • The Delicate Dance: Law and Politics of Justice in Central Africa
    • Peter Rosenblum, Columbia University
Panel 3: Francine Hirsh, Chair
  • The Hope(lessness) of Courts in Historical Reconstruction”
    • Judge Dennis Davis, New York University and South Africa’s High Court 
  • Double Standards: Nazis and Terrorists on Trial in 1975 West Germany 
    • Rebecca Wittmann, University of Toronto
Panel 4: Sharon Hutchinson, Chair
  • The Uses and Abuses of Local Justice
    • Lars Waldorf, University of London 
  • The LRA and the ICC: Peace, Reconciliation, and Justice in Northern Uganda 
    • Ronald Atkinson, University of South Carolina
  • Heinz Klug, Leigh Payne, and Scott Straus, University of Wisconsin-Madison

April 21: Transitional Justice Theory Building: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches

Opening and Workshop Plan

  • Leigh Payne, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Kathryn Sikkink, University of Minnesota
Session I, Trials and Prosecutions: Scott Straus, Moderator
  • Ellen Lutz, Cultural Survival
  • David Mendeloff, Carleton University 
  • Joachim Savelsberg, University of Minnesota 
  • Commentator: Kathryn Sikkink, University of Minnesota
Session II, Truth Commissions: Lars Waldorf, Moderator
  • Eric Brahm, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Hunjoon Kim, University of Minnesota 
  • Geoff Dancy, University of North Texas 
  • Commentator: Leigh Payne, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Session III, Amnesty: Ronald Atkinson, Moderator
  • Louise Mallinder, Queen's University
  • Glenda Mezarobba, University of São Paulo 
  • Leslie Vinjamuri, Georgetown University 
  • Commentator: Andrew Reiter, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Session IV, Lustration, Reparations, and Other: Victor Peskin, Moderator
  • Monika Nalepa, Rice University
  • Veronica Michel, University of Minnesota 
  • Tricia Olsen, University of Wisconsin-Madison 
  • Commentator: Sara Dahill-Brown, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wrap-up: Courtney Hillebrecht, Moderator
  • Leigh Payne, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Kathryn Sikkink, University of Minnesota