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Questions to aid your studies

Students can begin with these questions that are available
Any school can be improved by putting these questions on a classroom wall.

Why is it difficult for some teachers to be a guide on the side?
a)  some teachers like being the center of attention
b)  some teachers like performing
c)  some teachers receive little respect outside the classroom
d)  many teachers learned successfully from lectures

New strategy for directors of schools:
Hire a shy person.
Explain to the shy person that "The teacher for this class is going to be late.  Please get to know the students, explain that you will be assisting them in their work and you will ask them to follow directions on the worksheets."

The shy person becomes a "guide on the side."  

The director walks in every day and explains that the teacher will not be in today but the director asks to see the work that students did yesterday...  (external feedback from the director)

Eventually the shy person becomes the teacher... but the students are used to a "guide on the side."
These ideas came after talking with JW Hutt.

Sometimes people ask, "Where is a good school?" and "Can you recommend a good school to me?"
1.  Wherever Jeff Hutt (jwhutt@yahoo.com) is an administrator, that will be a good school. 
2.  Find out where Diane Grondin and Enrique Gonzalez are working.  Those will be good schools.
3.  Visit  MetCenter.org
4.Visit this person's blog and you'll find one.
Suzannah Kolbeck
Autonomy, mastery and purpose are the building blocks of a new way of doing things. ~Daniel Pink~

If you are a student at Amelia Academy, then you are at a good school, too.   

What makes a good teacher?  Sales person?   leader?
A tip from Tom Peters

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