Trainer's script

Trainer:  Please make suggestions about how to improve the script.
Participants:  You are encouraged to read this script to prepare for the workshop.           Return to Welcome Page
Note to the Trainer:
This is a "transparent" workshop.    
It's okay for you to know ahead of time what I'm about to say.  Let's work together to make this workshop interesting.

A Ten-to-20-Minute Workshop

Preparation (one to three days before the workshop): Distribute the web link  Ask the organizer of the workshop to ask the participants to read at least three quotes on the site and to come to the workshop ready to discuss what was read.

Trainer's Transcript

Trainer: Thank you for attending this session. To prepare for this work, you were asked to read a selection of quotations and the commentaries.

To help us with our discussion, I've asked Fred xxxx to write summaries of what you say. Then we can go back and make an action plan.

The goal for today's session is to generate some ideas and to capture some intentions on paper.  We can use these ideas in later one-on-one discussions.


Tell us about one of the quotes

How could we apply this quote in our classrooms?


Put a quote into your own words: 

Tell us about one of the quotes

What does it mean to you?

How could we apply this quote in our classrooms?

[Trainer waits for responses]

[Trainer records a summary or asks a scribe to handle the key words]

Wait for the participants to talk for about 4 to 10 minutes .. Give time to let everyone in the room share, but cut off the contributions after 10 minutes -- explain:  "We will combine what you have written in the summary Action Document"

WRITE on the board the following quotes:
The Student is the Class, 
Time is a variable, 
Science is a verb, 
Math is a language,  
Introduce the discrepant event, Everyone is part of the transformation

TRAINER:  In your own words, select two of these statements and write about them.  Describe how the statements could reshape some part of your lessons.

What would be different in your classroom if you followed this statement?

What would you need to make this transformation possible?

[Trainer gives time for participants to write and then read summaries of their writings.]

[either collect the writings or, if there is time, let participants talk about their ideas.... then collect the writings.   The writings can be typed or copied into a document that can serve as a record of the training program.  The writings can be distributed for later review.)

Thank you for your time.  I will be meeting with each of you one-on-one by email or phone.  If you would like to invite me into your classroom for a follow-up session, I am happy to work with you.

[end of session]


This text can be used as a starting point for any trainer.  The strength of the commentaries is that they can drive the process.  The trainer is just a facilitator.


ANNOUNCEMENT (suggested wording)

You are invited...  

"Transforming Your Classroom"

A 30-minute workshop 




Participants are invited to look at and bring questions and comments to the session.

The book "Building More Responsive Schools" is also available for you to scan for quotes and ideas.

The session will be a working session where everyone is encouraged to participate.   Bring paper and pens or pencils.

The session will be videorecorded for later review.   The goal of the session is to collect ideas and generate possible actions that can transform our classrooms.

Questions?  Call the trainer before the session  (954) 646 8246.