Transformative Meditation Training

Transformation Meditation Training
Transformative Meditation Training synthesizes the knowledge and practice of Yoga, Tibetan Buddhist meditation, Mantra meditation (commonly used in TM), Mindfulness (Insight Meditation) practice, and modern mind-body studies, to provide you with simple and effective meditation techniques to assist you in beginning a meditation practice, deepening your current meditation practice, reducing stress and anxiety, reducing pain, calming your mind, and improving relationships.
Individualized meditation training is available at $50 an hour


join us for a 1-day training offered throughout the year on Saturdays
In this training you will learn:
  • Why you may have a difficult time meditating and how to make it easy.
  • What is the cause of suffering and how to remove it.
  • If happiness is within, where do I find it?
  • What holds you back from experiencing peace.
  • How to let go of disturbing thoughts and feelings.
  • The eight limbs of yoga and the stages of Samaadhi (transcendence).
  • The difficulties that may arise in meditation practice and how to overcome them.
  • The stress reaction and the relaxation response.
  • The most recent research on the benefits of meditation.
  • The practice of mindfulness meditation.
  • The most common styles of meditation.
  • Breathing techniques in meditation and relaxation.
  • The four stages of mantra meditation

This day-long training begins at 9 am and ends at 4 m. (lunch on your own) . The fee for the day is $125 paid in advance. Individual follow up training sessions can also be scheduled if desired.

The training is held at The Insight Center, 2 Oakway Road, Timonium, MD. 21093. Unfortunately, this location is not handicap accessible. Please email (include your name and telephone number) to find out training dates and to register.