Transformative Life Coaching

Transformative Life Coaching
Transformative Life coaching is available for individuals who are not seeking treatment for a diagnosable mental or emotional disorder and does not become part of your permanent medical record, Life Coaching is not insurance reimbursable.
Coaching practice assists you in identifying goals you wish to achieve; it may be career or employment goals, relationship goals, persoanl growth or spiritual development goals, etc.
In this process we:
Identify blocks in the process related to your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and the external environment
Work on simple, practical  steps to achieve these individuals goals
Monitor your progress
Revaluate when your progress seems to be minimal
Develop new strategies based on the reevaluation.
"One step at a time" is the motto of the coaching process.
Many time our goals seem overwhelming if we only focus on the final outcome rather than accomplishing each step successfully.