The Book: My Undoing by Ed Geraty

My Undoing

By reading this book, I hope you begin to have an undoing experience of your own, although it may seem scary at first. Ancient spiritual and philosophical texts point to this undoing; this experience of awareness in which you realize you are not who you thought you were. You come to realize this body-mind ego state is an illusion. You see that what you always thought reality was—isn’t. So read on, and put your mind and your fear aside for the time being. Don’t worry; you can pick it back up at any time if you really want to. But after your undoing, you won’t want to!  Ed Geraty
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From the Readers:
At the end of "doing" that is that. If the self is backed into a corner (successfully calling into question it’s separateness), it will be in crisis. Then something has to happen. Maybe in some that will be surrender. I think reading this book may well back some selves into corners. - Jay Fisher, LCSW-C, Baltimore, MD

Reading this "book" is like a giant ball of multi-colored yarn. You begin to unravel it slowly... and by the time you get to the end of the yarn there is just "you" hanging on to a small thread.  - Ginny Evans, Cookeville, TN

This book is a valliant attempt to explain the ineffable. The author's ability to draw from both modern and ancient sources to weave together a "workable" deconstruction of the Self is both timely and deeply insightful. - Linda S., Greenville, SC