Task 1: Begin with Teams

From: Task Force Facilitators
Subject: Setting up Your Team

I know everyone is anxious to start work on their scenarios but first you have to organize your team and agree on a plan for success. This first meeting is also an opportunity for your team to learn about and take advantage of the skills of each team member, which is required for a team's success.

Teams only work if everyone does their part, but what exactly does that mean to your team? Collaboratively write a contract for your team to decide on how you will work together to support the development of your scenarios.

How is your team going to meet deadlines and submit quality work over the next few days? Everyone needs to know what is expected of them. It is up to the team to decide on a standard of practice and roles and responsibilities.

Your team's first step is to define roles, decide who will fill them, and agree on rules of communication, logistics and your work process. The details of the roles in your team may vary, depending on whether your team is creating a common scenario or separate scenarios; however, all teams will need a written contract to define roles, timelines, and procedures.