C. Debrief


From: Task Force Facilitation Team
Subject: Take it to the Classroom: Debrief

Please post your debrief thoughts to the Task 6 Debrief discussion topic in our Roots and Wings 2012 Moodle class site.
  1. Why is it important to use teams in PBL?
  2. What are some of the problems you see with student teams?
  3. What strategies can you use to manage conflict in student teams?
  4. How might you respond to a student who states that he/she refuses to work in a team?
  5. How would you defend the use of PBL in your classroom to your Dean if he/she came to you with a student complaint that you were not lecturing but making the students teach themselves?
  6. What can you share with your students to excite them about the PBL experience they are about to embark on?