A. Requirements

Task Force
From: Facilitation Team
Subject: Into the PBL Classroom


1.    Keep working on development/fine tuning of your scenario.

2.    Write up and submit (Moodle - Task 6 - Scenario Summary discussion topic) a short summary of the scenario you created, the role of students and their teams, how long you envision it taking to implement in your classroom and how teaching this scenario will differ from a traditional lecture. If the scenario consists of multiple tasks please indicated which, if any, of the tasks might be used as standalone tasks or if they are so intimately connected that they should not be broken apart.
Sum up the unique aspects of your scenario and how you will assess the tasks.
Think of this summary as an overview for administration or other faculty who may be interested in employing your scenario in their own course. We're hoping a few of you will want to share your summaries with the full group prior to the close of the workshop.

3.    A syllabus for your class with a "heads up" that PBL will be used in the class along with all that implies.  Submit two copies of your syllabus - pre-PBL and new with PBL (Moodle - Task 6 - Course Syllabus discussion topic). You'll find a sample Syllabus in Resources.

4.    In conjunction with your team develop questions that you would like to see future community discourse on.  Do you have worries or other questions you'd like to look at more deeply?  What are some of the questions you think may arise as you experience PBL in your classroom? Submit your jointly created list of questions (Moodle - Task 6 - Future Discourse discussion topic) and have them available for a full group discussion prior to the close of the workshop.