Task 6: Take it to the Classroom


To: Faculty, PBL Task Force
From: Task Force Facilitation Team
Subject: Implementing PBL

You have all put great effort into your scenarios over the course of this workshop. Congratulations on beginning the PBL transformation. Though you may feel you still have work to do to be ready to present your class with your scenario we'd like you to take some time to envision where you'll be soon.  With this task you will be preparing a summary of your scenario for others that may be interested in your venture into the PBL classroom. You'll also prepare your syllabus to reflect the transformation to PBL.  And finally you'll gather with your team to express concerns and questions that you'd like further discourse on.  As you transform your classroom to one of Problem Based Learning know you have a PBL community to assist and support you. 

It takes enthusiasm and energy to get "buy in" from students used to the traditional classroom so they embrace PBL. Think about how you can sell this new way of learning to them - check out the Resources. After looking these over you may have some additional questions you can add to your further discourse list.