Task 5: Close the Loop


To: Faculty, Task Force
From: Facilitation Team
Subject: Close the Loop (Assessment)

How will you know that your students know and can do what you intend for them to know at the end of the tasks? When and how will you assess their progress? their learning? What things can you do on an ongoing basis? What should I monitor at select times – beginning, middle & end -- and how? What performance criteria should you use? How does this fit in with the traditional academic world that might require exams? What happens to your students when they shift from your performance based classroom to a non-performance based one? Will students have learned how to learn?

Before you implement your scenario, you will need to develop an assessment plan/schedule, rubrics, and assessment items that support PBL models of learning -- the application and use of knowledge, not just the regurgitation of information or facts. The first step is to have a conversation with your colleagues about assessment and begin to map out your assessment plan.