Task 4: Support Discovery


To: Task Force
From: Facilitation Team
Subject: Support Discovery: Overview
Complete the Resources and Debrief sections of your tasks.

List resources for your students to discover the potential solutions to what is missing from the scenario or incomplete story. Getting just the right kind and amount of resources is tricky – changes to resources may be ongoing based on the discipline or subject matter. Students are active learners and always come up with more interesting ideas and solutions that are beyond what the instructor/faculty member came up with and beyond what the resources provided might originally suggest. Too many resources can confuse the learner. You also need to be careful that you do not restrict the learner's imagination of what the solution might be --- don't provide a "copy me" example of a solution. Instead, point learners toward key concept resources & tools.

The last part of this task asks you to get feedback on your work and revise your deliverables before submitting them to us. Remember—feedback and revision are the keys to crafting a quality scenario.