A. Requirements

To: Faculty, PBL Task Force
From: Task Force Facilitation Team
Subject: Identify the Learning: Requirements


Complete the Scenario Builder Worksheet you started in Task 2 . Finish the scenario, welcome memo, orientation, and task overviews and requirement pages.

Action Plan

Remember that your goal is to identify tasks and deliverables that align with your SLO's and finish your overview and requirements pages for your tasks.

Revisit the Scenario and Tasks or Story you wrote in the previous task. Where are the learning opportunities? Where are the points in the story that your students can solve/discover? What words can you delete so that your students have to provide the answer, find the resources, solve the problem, create the deliverable?

Review the existing SLOs for your selected course, checking carefully that they meet the criteria outlined in the SLO rubric and revise them as needed. Do the learning moments align with SLO's? Where? Divide these parts of the story into Tasks. Are there deliverables? If not, could this section be combined with another to make a task that has deliverables?

After revising your own task and scenario, review your team member(s) tasks, SLO's, and deliverables. Do they make sense? Is there enough information? Too much information? Edit and critique each other's work.

Check with an industry person and ask -- Do the scenario and tasks feel authentic? Is the vocabulary appropriate for the role students are taking on? Are the deliverables something someone in that role might be asked to do?
Are the skills something the industry cares about? How can it all be improved?

Revise review revise review talk amongst yourselves...revise...review...