Task 3: Identify the Learning


To: PBL Task Force
From: Facilitators
Subject: Identify the Learning Moments & Your SLO's

As you polish your scenario, take a moment to clarify how your tasks align with your student learning outcomes (SLOs). Focusing on the SLOs will allow you to develop a scenario with an appropriate scope for your course, and to assess whether students are learning.

Go back to the story and tasks you developed in the previous task. Think again about what to leave out based on where the student learning opportunities might exist for your SLOs –You want them to use inductive reasoning (e.g., question what’s broken, missing, what do they need to know now…the learning challenge cycle)

Reevaluate your tasks and your team members' tasks  -- are they challenging? interesting? Check out the Resources for ideas on what makes a good PBL problem.

Revise, review, rewrite, revisit your task, scenario, and SLO's.