C. Debrief

From: Task Force Facilitation Team
Subject: Tell Your Story: Debrief

1. Is your story authentic? Does it feel true to you? to your peer reviewers? What makes that so?

2. How did (or will) you incorporate input from a professional in the industry into your scenario and tasks? Who will you call?

3. How did the writing go for your team? Where was help needed? Where was it given? What additional writing assistance would you have liked access to while you wrote, reviewed, and revised your story?

4. Did you and your team follow the same writing process, or did it differ from individual to individual? What did someone else do that you will try next time around?

5. Thinking of your team's scenarios/stories, what makes them compelling? or interesting? or worth pursuing?

6. How would you change your scenario/story for a different audience--another age group or academic level? students majoring in your subject or students just taking the class as a requirement?