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Below is just one of the funniest annoying orange videos I've seen! I've put more all together (above link) so they can be viewed at a glance.
These videos get millions of hits on YouTube, not surprising as it's a great idea and they're very funny!
Ever wondered how these videos are made?
I think the annoying orange effect can be acheived on 'Sony Vegas' software.
The Annoying Orange

The Annoying Orange

Need To Relax Or Sleep Even?
Do you like the sound of ticking to relax to or fall asleep to?
An old fashioned 'TiK ToK' clock for relaxation but beware as the alarm goes off at 5:54 on the clock and runs for about 7 minutes and quite loud!

You can use this alarm for any amount of sleep needed up to 8 hours approx.. If you want the alarm to go off in 6 hours then just push the time forward until 6 hours of the video remains before the alarm time.

Enjoy this old tik tok clock!

(The alarm goes off at 5:54 on the clock but 7 hours 54 minutes on the video!)

Avilable for download...

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The Lovely Sound Of Ticking

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