Yutaka Haruki Award

Transcultural Society for Clinical Meditation

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The Yutaka Haruki Award (YHA) is for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of ‘Buddhist Psychology, Clinical Meditation, Mindfulness, or Zen’ as endorsed by the Transcultural Society for Clinical Meditation (TSCM).

The award is to honor and celebrate TSCM’s founder Professor Yutaka Haruki from Waseda University, Japan, and his efforts to include meditation in health psychology in a series of conventions. The YHA is a symbol & encouragement for a scientist (under age 40) who contributed to the theory, research, or practice of the field (in its broadest sense) and might take the form of an article or a dissertation. In the latter case, a summary is required not exceeding 10 single spaced pages (including tables and figures, excluding references). The study, not necessarily published earlier, must be original and written in the three preceding years of awarding.

Nominations and applications should be sent along with a Curriculum Vitae to dr.k.t.kaku@planet.nl

Yutaka Haruki Award 2005

The 2nd Recipient of the Yutaka Haruki Award (June 2005,Goteborg, Sweden):  Miguel Quintana Santana. The last winning study was awarded at the IX World Congress on Constructivism held in confluence with the 5th International Congress of Cognitive Therapy in Goteborg, Sweden, June 13-17, 2005, during which occasion A. T. Beck had a public dialogue with H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama. At this convention the TSCM had a Symposium Series that formed the basis for an edited book: M. G. T. Kwee, K. J. Gergen, & F. Koshikawa (Eds).(2006). Horizons in Buddhist Psychology: Practice, Research & Theory (Featuring a dialogue between the Dalai Lama and Aaron T. Beck). Chagrin Falls, OH: Taos Instiute Publications.


Yutaka Haruki Award 2003

The first commemorable collaboration between the Transcultural Society for Clinical Meditation and the Society for Constructivism in the Human Sciences took place at  the 8th International Congress of Constructivism, Bari, Italy, 2003. Dr. Mohan's contribution 'Buddhism and psychotherapy: An exploratory study' is published in the Festschrift.