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Transcultural Society for Clinical Meditation

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Who are we?

In July 1990 an international group of scientists and scholars meeting in Kyoto, Japan, established the TNSPPSW. The Network had begun as an informal group of core members and friends, that in the present form include J. Austin, M. Drummond, J. Dua, L. Freeman, T. Holdstock, M. Ichii, J. Kabat-Zinn, H. Kato, B. Khong, H.Kief, R. Kloppenborg, Y. Konno, F. Koshikawa, N. Kubota, M. Mahoney, K. Krishna Mohan, Y.Mohan, H. Nakajima, S. Nakamura, T. Oei, A. Onda, J. Pitayataratorn, C. Pert, M. Qian, M. Quintana Santana, M. Regmi, D. Rothenberg, A. Saito, Y. Sasaki, Y. Sawada, D. Shapiro Jr, S. Srinivasan, E. Stutchbury, G. Sugamura, M. Suzuki, J. Teasdale, K. Toombs, N. Tremblay, H. Wallnofer, W. Wang, G. Weil, Y. Wu, H. de Wit, W. Yu, Y. Yuasa).

With the able leadership of Y. Haruki, conferences on various themes have been held in different parts of the world, in or near: Brussels (1992), Tokyo (1993), Montreal (1996), Beijing (1998), Amsterdam (2000), and Sydney (2002). Many researchers have been involved in these conferences as speakers (see Proceedings below) which merits continuation of the Network’s activities. As the period of sponsorship from Ibuka has come to an end an alternate organizational structure is herein proposed.

To provide continuity, connection, and potential for growth, we have created TSCM, a web-based society with membership for people interested in studying an integrative approach to human wellbeing. TSCM has a valued patron: World Health Organization’s director-general emeritus Hiroshi Nakajima and an Executive-Advisory Board:

Honorary President

Yutaka Haruki

Executive-Advisory Board

 Charles Peter Bankart

Mark Blows

Michael DelMonte

 Padmal de Silva

Yasutomo Ishii

Rika Kawano

Roberto Kertesz

William Mikulas

Maurits Kwee

Yusuke Sakairi

Marja Taams

Michael Tophoff