Protection from magic

   White magic uses astral resonances of symbolic formulas with planets and space structures. Black magic uses astral beings, demons, which use these resonances too in negative interpretation or their own evil will. Abuse of astral factors can be stopped by God, Creator of the Universe. Demonic will can repelled by prayer, meditation, mantras. With one’s own efforts or with an experienced psychic’s help.

        Devil and Satan are two different beings. Devil is the 7th demon king, the son of Satan, an imitation of the Son of God. Satan imitates God, hoping to win Him and to take His place in the Universe. As the 7th king Devil imitates Satan or Saturn too. Christ promised that the house that is divided will fall. God divided two imitators of  Saturn, the 7th of the planets, corresponding to 7 archangels, as competitors for the top status. Maitreya  imitated both  and their quarrel to involve into their competition all demons and divide the whole of the satanic kingdom in two fighting chaotic astral spaces. This game weakens black magicians and  Satanists, who are gradually involved in this astral chaos and waste their powers for nothing. A special Maitreya-mantra helps to neutralize all their spells.

                         Om Maitreya, Om Maitryea, Aum Yeum Om Maitreya

    Space Satanists and devil-worshipers are now divided too. Maitreya interpreted Agni-yoga as a spiritual program of cooperation with extraterrestrial allies and helped Elder Brothers of humanity to destroy satanic and demonic civilizations of  Cain’s followers and heirs. As an astral scout Maitreya penetrated to demonic spaces and their projections to Satanists and devil-worshipers. Found their secret bases and lead ally starships through  astral and mental dimensions, prompting the way on a super-conscious level, using their intuition to the point where they could see the enemies themselves. Unnoticed and unknown, he returned to the Earth and started to a new spiritual program in the Internet.

    Some psychic aliens felt Maitreya as an astral warrior in their spaces and know the name. But no one traced his homeland and knows who he really is. Some aliens know Agni-yoga and wait for Maitreya as a future leader, who would establish contacts with their missions, called Shambala, studying the Earth. Maitreya is a secret for his rivals, wanting to get this status and control over future Russia by Agni-yoga and space energy researches. Which should replace Orthodox Church in the new of age of Aquarius, replacing the age of Pisces and its religions. World domination in politics and economics by a new world religion is an ancient dream of secret orders and organizations, used by Satan to fight against Christianity and Eastern culture, unwilling to  surrender to his Anti-Christ project and space Satanists in the future, when they come. Anti-Christ was advertised by Satanists and their allies as Maitreya. And any other version would be denied. That’s why Maitreya sends  his mantra before him as a key to his spiritual programs and a future school.  Another key is a film  about Maitreya and his mission in space, made as a fantastic realism. It can’t be checked by earthlings and the secret will remain unopened. But this film is so far a secret too.

     Mantras resonate  with planets and space structures too. They can override all magic by spiritual accents in one’s horoscope and lead to God, the main Protector and Support. Angelsknow and use astrology for human affairs. Mantras are angelic prayers, the music of spheres. Personal mantras are more concrete and more effective for  concrete persons. Common mantras – AUM YEUM OM – are effective for general spiritual development and common tasks. Maitreya-mantra is for individual and collective meditation, for personal and joint psychic defense. For Agni-yogins and disciples of Moria, for all who need  spiritual and psychic protection  all over the world.

     Moria, the teacher of Maitreya, lived 26 thousands of years ago  in the previous age of Aquarius in Atlantis. He studied space and had contacts with aliens, who taught him all he knew. The rise of Atlantis lasted about 2 thousand of years, then came the age of Capricorn and contacts with space were stopped. People gave up all unchecked versions about extraterrestrial sponsors  and turned to the restricted reality of earthly existence. Aliens were disappointed and left the Earth to itself. For thousands of years until the ages of Gemini and Taurus, when the center of our civilization was in China and India. Then Shambala was founded in Himalayas and Tibet. Aliens, or mahatmas, taught Chinese and Indians  the basics of  our modern civilization. And left many myths about flying chariots, preserved in Vedas until our days. In Bible we find a similar description of later events. When these chariots, or starships, visited earthlings again. Egyptian cult of Sirius is inspirited be alien knowledge too.

    The flood of UFOs in the second half of the 20th century  is explained by the new coming age of Aquarius.  A revival  and further development of Atlantis through Greece and Rome in the modern Western civilization revived Moria and his ideas of space cooperation. The teaching about Violet Flame in the USA and Agni-yoga in Russia, both from Moria, prepared the ground for Maitreya-yoga and some future cooperation of both superpowers in the exploration of extraterrestrial civilizations.

    The recent magic threat from space was averted by alien allies, who’s ancestors protected the Earth in the past. Maybe in the future some magic aggressors will rise up again and new threats will require  new cooperation. Maitreya will  remind future generations like Moria of  all space opportunities by his film. Which will be spread in the web to his potential followers as a version to be assessed by ethical and esthetical algorithms.

     Material resources of  any planet or planetary system are limited, without some exit to broad space any civilization comes to a deadlock. We shall need starships to survive. If we can’t invent them by ourselves, we should try to find scientific information or to buy them in space. Or to change them for art, as a variant - for Maitreya’s film about cooperation with space allies. It will be acceptable, modern and interesting for all developed civilizations as well as for developing. And spiritual enough to revive and modernize their religions as an example of  real divine justice and help.