This is a regular web comic from May to September! Trans Cat's illustrator is back in full time education at the moment so comics will be a little less regular though specials will come out from time to time until we resume fully in May. For notices about special editions and episodes meanwhile, please join our facebook page or follow us on twitter, links are below!

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  2.01 Freedom's Just...      2.02 Yard Sale!    2.03 Bus Trip

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The episodes below make up the first in the series for Trans Cat Comics from it's earliest foundations as a sketch comic for Roses' Forum. They are now available as a high resolution, and much improved (textual instead of hand written, improved editing and revisions, added colour in places) printed version, perfect for the coffee tables of anyone who has ever enjoyed the comic!

   1. Intro
  4. We never saw it coming      
   7. Goldie Horn
  10. TC Support Group               
  13. Back at Home
  2. Don't come a' knockin'          
   5. The Felinization Therapist 
  8. Going Out En Feline             
  11. Nip O'Lion's
 14. Krufts Training   
   3. Transport
  6. F. T. II  
   9. The Little Kitty's Room     
  12. Stig
  15. The Yauling Waul    

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  Queen and Latifa II 
  Queen and Latifa III

   16. Ultimutt Dog Zone               
  19. Aftermath 
  22. Hazel's House
   25. Sporkle
  28. Postman Pat II
  17. Tat 4 Katz     
 20. Fallout           
  23. Lamentations
  26. TOTY
  29. Working Like a ---
   18. Krufts Try Outs
  21. The Big One
  24. R and R
   27. Postman Pat
   30. Dog gone

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Seamus is an internationally famous  shih tzu  dog  cat with many publications dedicated to him. Famous Seamus Comics presents "Seamus Flees." Originally written and screen printed by Andrew Whiteoak, "Seamus Flees" can now be seen for the first time online, here on the Trans Cat website. Life is multifaceted for a trans cat. This comic takes a look at his puppyhood kittenhood, giving an insight into the life of this famous little man.

Another fictional piece based on Famous Seamus finds its way to the Trans Cat's website in Famous Seamus Comics II "Danger Falling Cows" is a canine spin-off on the popular Lovecraftian mythos. Author, H. P. Lovecraft, told tales of a powerful alien, named Cthulhu, entombed beneath the earth. He feeds off chaos and despair, and enlists his disciples to do his bidding. His evil is so profound that prolonged worship of him leads to insanity, even death. But Cthulhu is cunning, and can take on most innocent forms with which to fool us. What would happen if the great and terrible Cthulhu's spirit was in the body of a sweet little doggie? Would he rise and destroy the world when the stars were right?

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